Faculty Regalia

Faculty members who would like to attend Commencement and do not have regalia of their own may rent the following regalia through Wolfpack Outfitters in Talley Student Union:

  • Bachelor’s cap, gown and tassel
  • Master’s cap, gown, tam, tassel and hood
  • Doctorate cap, gown, tam, tassel and hood

Gowns: Gowns are all black, and may be ordered to size based on height and weight.

Hoods: Master’s and Doctorate hood color schemes are indicative of the university and department from which your degree was conferred. When placing your rental order, you can indicate from which school your degree was awarded.

Tassels: The color of the Master’s tassel is indicative of the department from which your degree has been conferred. Doctorate tassels are uniformly gold across all departments.

Tams: Tams are uniformly black. Tams may be ordered to size.

Faculty regalia rental orders for Fall 2019 must be place no later than Friday, December 6, 2019. Orders can be placed on the NC State Stores website at bookstore.ncsu.edu.

All rentals are non-refundable and must promptly be returned after Commencement ceremonies conclude.