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Student Speaker

Presenting the student commencement address is a great honor and an opportunity to inspire, engage with, and share common experiences with your peers.

Speaker Criteria

  • Graduating candidate for a bachelor’s degree
  • Receiving their first degree
  • Eligible to graduate in the intended term
  • Has submitted an application to graduate by the time of application

Application Procedure and Requirements

Application Form

  • Fill out and submit the Student Commencement Speaker application in full
    • You must be logged into your NC State Google account to access the application
  • Upload your audition video to the application form

Once all application materials have been received by the committee, the committee will anonymously vote on and select a candidate. All candidates will be notified of a decision

Speech Content Guidelines

  • The topic and format of the speech are left to the discretion of the speaker
  • The speech must not be disrespectful and may not contain profanity of any kind
  • The speech should be no longer than five minutes
  • The speech presented in the audition should be as close to the final speech as possible

Leave your legacy with your graduating class!

Application Dates and Deadlines

Spring 2024Deadline
Student Speaker Application AvailableJanuary 23, 2024
Student Speaker Application and Audition DeadlineMarch 3, 2024
Applicants are notified of Finalist selectionsWeek of March 18, 2024
In-Person Finalist AuditionsEvening of March 21, 2024
Speaker is selected and applicants are notified of decisionWeek of March 25, 2024
NC State Spring 2024 CommencementMay 4, 2024

If you have any questions about the student commencement speaker application or selection process, please contact the Student Commencement Speaker Committee at or 919.515.2577